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To be successful in life, you must know your destiny and follow it. Many of us do not succeed because we do not know exactly what we want, or in what field to focus our efforts.


The Art of Astrology offers, based on the date, time and place of birth, a personalized and extremely precise analysis of our possibilities of manifestation in this life.


Astrology helps to CLARIFY all areas of our lives, and give us insights about everything that matters to us (and more!): love ,money, career, family, health, spirituality, friends, and even old age.

To help you put your life in order, I offer the following services:

The astrological charts are 100% analyzed and interpreted by me. They are PERSONALIZED according to the specific problems of the native, and have COHERENT and PRACTICAL advice. 

They are NOT copied from astrology programs, as unfortunately some "astrologers" do for a momentary profit.

As an astrologer, you are not allowed to play with the spiritual information and the destiny of the native, giving him incorrect, incomplete or inadequate information for a profit of two bucks! Why? Because you become responsible for the choices of the native that were made based on the information received from you as an astrologer!

Therefore, I offer seriousness and precision in the realisation of Astrological charts and Tarot readings.

My goal is to use this gift from the Universe in a constructive way both for myself and for others, with responsibility!

Natal Chart
250 $

Useful to find out: your destiny,  the  qualities in which one can successfully invest, potential sensitivities and health problems, the ideal profession, the ideal partner - and what to do to find him/her, what kind of people and situations to avoid, the financial situation and how to emprove it, karmic problems, etc.

Compatibility Chart
250 $

Useful to find out: the purpose of the relationship, what are the difficulties and strengths, if the partner is sincere, what are the possibilities of the relationship - whether or not it can lead to marriage, how to repair the relationship, whether the partner has serious thoughts or is it just a flirt, karmic connections between the two people, etc.


Predictive Astrology
250 $

Useful to find out: what is the theme of the current year, what are the dangers and opportunities, what are the events of major importance, how to maximize positive events and avoid (as much as possible) negative events.


Finding out your Birth Hour
100 $

For those who do not know their time of birth. The exact time is very important - with a margin of error of no more than 10-15 minutes, in order to create a  complete  interpretation of the Natal, Relational or Predictive chart.  The Predictive chart can NOT be realised unless the time of birth is accurately determined, or previously known.


And if you still have  doubts or you don't know which way to choose, I can help you with a Tarot reading:

Tarot Reading
250 $

For Tarot readings I use  the Major Arcana,  and depending on the nature of the question, different spreads, with 3 or more cards, with or without signifier, and, if needed, with additional clarification cards .


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