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Georgiana Sâmbotin

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My name is Georgiana Sâmbotin and I have been a professional astrologer since 2010. I have an experience of over 1800 charts deciphered (and solved), and I am at your disposal for natal, relational and predictive astrological charts. Also, tarot readings...

"You can't change the stars, but you can change yourself!"
                                                      -  Georgiana Sâmbotin, Astrologer


To help you put your life in order, I offer the following services:

Natal Astrology

Relational Astrology (Synastry)

Predictive Astrology

Tarot reading


For enthusiasts of Astrology and Tarot, who want to learn the basics of these esoteric sciences, I organize online Courses on Astrology and Tarot. These courses have different themes, and provide clear, practical information, easy to implement in your everyday life.



Here you can find interesting articles and information written by me about Tarot, Western Astrology, Medical Astrology, Zodiac Signs, Planets, Astrological Houses, Vedic Astrology, and more!